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        Our mission is to provide clients with significant benefits that considerably out-weigh any fees.  We enhance your organization’s sourcing activities and provide significant benefits.  We are experts on how to assess and facilitate technology sourcing activities, save money in contract negotiations, reduce legal and contractual liabilities, develop vendor and internal relationships, resolve vendor disputes, develop formal sourcing processes, procedures and documentation, implement automated sourcing systems and reporting tools, assist in merger integration activities, reduce IT costs and limit risks associated with IT and sourcing projects.



Benefits Model


This is a very popular option and we are compensated based on the benefits derived from our services.  There are no direct costs to the client, thus there is no budgetary impact.  Fees are based on a percentage of the benefits derived from our services.  For example, if we negotiate additional savings on a software purchase, reduce IT operational costs, or reduce sourcing costs we participate in the benefits or savings.


Fixed Fee


We are open to fixed fee arrangements for a specific deliverable when appropriate.  In this case, costs for a specific deliverable are certain and we take the risk of any overruns.


Fixed Fee, Not to Exceed


We are open to fixed fee, not to exceed arrangements for a specific deliverable when appropriate.  Under this arrangement we agree on a specific consulting fee for a set of deliverables and implement a fee cap.  In many cases, we can deliver below the fixed fee amount.  Under this model your fees are always less than or equal to the negotiated fixed fee. We take the risk of any overruns.


Consulting Rates


Our consulting rates are very competitive and in some cases can be less than half of the “Big” consulting firms.   In addition, we work closely with the “Big” consulting organizations and have provided them consulting services.  We consider our services top-notch and world class.




(858) 999-2117 La Jolla / San Diego

(708) 755-5696 Chicago







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