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SDG & ESG Project Management


     In 2015, the United Nations Member States agreed on a shared plan for 2030 sustainable development. The global partnership called for 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The goals include ending poverty, improving health, advancement of education, reduce inequality, and increase economic growth.  These goals also include provisions for climate change and the preservation of natural resources such as oceans and forests. The SDGs complement the decades of work by UN member countries to improve the human condition and protect the environment.

       Our projects involve gathering data and providing portals to communicate SDGs.  We are supporting data reporting platforms and aligning regional and national development initiatives with the UN SDGs and various ESG platforms. We offer these services to all governments and businesses that want to develop their own ESGs and SDGs. We can collect, clean, create a data gathering API, and report these data via the UNs SDG templates and ESG platforms. 


Process Development to Limit Energy Usage and Carbon Footprint.


      ESG: GRI, CDP,  UNPRI, SBTi, & GRESB Frameworks. Carbon Accounting, GHG Protocol, Emissions Analysis for Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Resource Creation for Communication, Advancement, & Adoption of United Nations’ 17 Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs). Development of Open Source SDG & ESG Learning Resources, for Governments and Businesses around the World. Climate Risk Analysis & Mitigation Strategies. Climate based AI Models, Convolutional Neural Networks Applications for Climate Satellite Imagery Analysis.

Sustainability & Climate Technology


      Sustainability & Climate change analysis and related machine learning algorithms have greatly advanced in recent years. Our machine learning models forecast extreme weather events. These models provide both short and long term predictions based on data aggregation and advanced simulations. Training sets are then robust, training on thousands of seasonal model simulations.  We work on applications that aggregate, average and smooth various climate models to provide a consensus model that is at the heart of our climate change platform.


      In addition to assessing climate change, we model business, economic and policy data. Using a data rich environment, "Big Data", we research your specific business and industry data to answer the open questions on How, When and Where to make business investments.  These models assist in determining how to adjust to competitive and regulatory risk pressures. The algorithms are optimally trained to determine the type and the timing of these investments.


​     Since the business and climate models are integrated we call it the “Business Climate Model”.   It’s imperative that corporations address climate issues through the use of advanced methods.  We would describe the platform as an environmentally based decision model. This includes the development of automated tools to assist business in controlling climate related costs, protect profitability and assist in the implementation of new technologies.


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