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Are you fully aware of the business, legal, and risk factors related to the procurement and implementation of technology (e.g. AI, Data, IP, Financial, Continuity, Cyber, etc.)?

Are your technology projects being managed effectively?


Are your technology projects progressing as planned?

Are you negotiating good technology deals?

Are you being treated fairly by vendors and consultants?

Are you spending too much on technology?


Are there strategic business initiatives and cost reduction programs that should be implemented? 

Are your technology contracts structured to protect your organization and limit risk?

Are you managing your technology contracts properly?

Are your technology vendors providing you with the right products and services?

Are your project schedules and budgets at risk?

Are you in need of troubled project assistance?

Are you in need of vendor dispute resolution services?

Are there processes that should be insourced or outsourced?

Are there internal competencies that should be developed?

Are there ways to improve the change management process?


Are you in need of merger integration and transition services?

Are you in need of a formal and documented technology sourcing process?

Are you totally aware of the risk associated with your technology sourcing processes?


Are there better ways to understand and account for our IT assets?


Are your internal procurement resources fully qualified to effectively source technology?

Are there ways to improve relationships, communications and cooperation between business units, IT and customers?



We offer support services that assist organizations remotely with technology management, business continuity, critical risk management, and technology sourcing. 





(858) 999-2117      La Jolla / San Diego

(708) 755-5696      Chicago





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